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self guided vehicles (SGVS) robot manufacturers supplier

Name: self guided vehicles (SGVS) robot manufacturers supplier
Category: AGV
Introduction: There are a number of different AGV systems that can be adjusted according to a manufacturers needs, based on their products and what kind of self guided vehicle would be most usefu..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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There are a number of different AGV systems that can be adjusted according to a manufacturer’s needs, based on their products and what kind of self guided vehicle would be most useful. Fixed path guidance systems use embedded wire, magnetic tape or strips of paint to guide the autonomous guided vehicle along a predetermined and set path.

The vehicle uses an antenna and radio frequencies to stay on the correct route as the wire paths have frequencies or currents running through them that an antenna on the vehicle follows. More commonly found today however are computer-based free range systems which bring the added advantage of route flexibility.

self guided vehicles range significantly in construction and shape. They may have a towing mechanism, room for unit or pallet loading, fork lifts, space for light loads or components needed in assembly lines like robotic arms,There are also selft guided vehicles which have a gyroscope that maintains the path by directions from a computer control system.

Although self-guided vehicles are considered a high initial investment, they can reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and provide a safer working environment.They can work around the clock to improve operational processes and greatly increase output productivity.

self guided vehicles

self guided vheicles(SGVS) technical parameter

Moving Way
Straight Line, Left /Right Bifurcation or Arc Line
Moving Directions
Unidirectional or Bidirectional
Means Of Communication
Zigbee or Wifi
Driving Mode
Dual-motor Differential Operation
Carrying Capacity
500 KG ~10 Tons
Carrying Capacity (time)
8-10 Hours
Navigation Accuracy
Manner of working
Manual operation if there is no magnetic tape.
Automatic running provided that there is magnetic tape.
No magnetic tape tracking under automatic operation is available.
Relative address automatic control.
Climbing Capacity
For more than 70% of carrying capacity, the maximum gradient is 2%
( continuous within 5 meters).

For less than 70% of carrying capacity, the maximum gradient is 3%
( continuous within 5 meters).
Stop Precision
( under brake. The braking length vary based on different conditions.)
Charge Methods
Safety Induction Scope
Laser: 180° Infrared: 120°
Alarm Form
Alarm Form
Storage Battery
Lead-acid Traction: 24V70AH
Lithium Iron Phosphate: 24V40AH-60AH
Safety protection
Long Distance: Laser Obstacle Sensor or Infrared Obstacle Senor
Short Distance: Rubber Anti-collision Bumper Bar
Designed Life span
10 years

self guided vehicles components Description

1. AGV body and control system
2. AGV upper computer control system
3. AGV position controller
4. AGV automatic charging system

self guided vehicles pictures

slef guided vehicles(SGVs)self guided vehicles(SGVS)

self guided vehicles Advantage

1. Independent operation of vehicle by individual controller on each vehicle
2. Low noise & vibration
3. Modular design of drive unit to enable less parts and easy maintenance
4. Accurate positioning
5. Distribution control system

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