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Lurking Pull AGV magnetic tape AGV

Name: Lurking Pull AGV magnetic tape AGV
Category: AGV
Introduction: Introduction of Lurking Pull AGV magnetic tape AGV This One-Way Automatic Guided Vehicle can move under the material cart to hook or unhook, or pull the material cart delivery. The ..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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lurking pull agv magnetic tape agv

Introduction of Lurking Pull AGV magnetic tape AGV

This One-Way Automatic Guided Vehicle can move under the material cart to hook or unhook, or pull the material cart delivery. The One way lurking AGV has small shape, compact structure and flexibility for carrying. This type of AGV is usually used for vehicle material dispatching.

Referred to as AGV, which is equipped with automatic guided electromagnetic or optical device, can travel along the guide path specified, with safety protection and various transport vehicle shift function, the driver does not need industrial applications to transport vehicles, rechargeable batteries as its power source.

optimization, through pre-defined interface and other communication control system, the system is also responsible for the interaction with customers and help provide functions such as graphics visualization and statistical analysis; the peripheral equipment includes a variety of vehicle such as the battery loading station and load transfer equipment of the vehicle.

AGV by inserting way is divided into: holding type - pick up tool for clamping jaw, mainly used for directly holding shape packing rules of goods; fork type pickup tool for fork, mainly for carrying a tray loading cargo. AGV navigation mode has magnetic navigation, laser navigation, inertial navigation, visual navigation and so on, can easily change the path, but the path of the laser navigation change more flexible.

Lurking Pull AGV magnetic tape AGV Parameter

Type of AGV Lurking Pull Type
Size L1385*W350*H280(mm)
Control Mode PLC/AGV Moving Control Chip(Optional)
Guidance Mode Magnetic Tape Guidance/Electro-Optical Guidance/Laser Guidance(Optional)
Direction of Moving Forward,Left & Right Turning, folkway picking
Communication Wireless LAN(Optional)
Driving Mode Differential Speed Driving
Power Supply of Driving DC24V,DC48V
Lifting of Driving Manual/Electrical Lifting
Load 100,300,500,1000KG(Customize)
Speed of Moving min(or customizable)
Turning Radius Minimum to 500mm(Radius of Tape Installation)
Guidance Accuracy +/-10mm
Working Time 24Hours
Climbing Ability 3-5 degrees
Parking Accuracy +/-10mm
Charging Mode Manual Charging(Automatic Charging Optional)
Battery Maintenance-Free Rechargeable Battery
Ongoing Discharging Times:>300 Times
Safety Proximity Range <3m/=3m,Adjustable,Less Than 20mm Emergency Breaking Distance
Human-Computer Interaction

With Touch-Screen Human-Computer Interaction,

user can easily set parameter, station and warning.

Environment for use Indoor Temperature:0-40 degrees centigrade,Relative Humidity: 40%-80%
Protection Front Roadblock Detecting Sensor+Mechanical Anticollision Dual-Protection
Service Life >10Years

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Lurking Pull AGV magnetic tape AGV Application

Navigation Advantage:magnetic navigation,cost effective,accurate localization

Small and flexible:Suitable for various work environments

Convenient maintenance:one-key-lifting drive unit, easy to maintain 

Safety protection:sound and light alarm, obstacle avoidance sensor, mechanical anti-collision device, E-stop buttons

Application: Applies in automobile, electronics and appliance industries

Lurking Pull magnetic tape AGV

Basic information of Lurking Pull AGV magnetic tape AGV

IKV offers a full array of ruggedly built AGV types with standard and custom AGVs to meet the toughest material handling challenges. IKV will thoroughly evaluate your material handling needs to develop the right AGV solution for your facility.

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