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warehouse logistics agv

Name: warehouse logistics agv
Category: AGV
Introduction: warehouse logistics agv introduction IKV logistics forklift agv robot adds intelligent guidance and control system on basis of traditional electrical forklift. It moves in the desig..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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warehouse logistics agv introduction

Ikv forklift logistics agvindustrial logstics agv robotwarehouse forklift agvwarehouse logistics forklift agv

IKV logistics forklift agv robot adds intelligent guidance and control system on basis of traditional electrical forklift. It moves in the designated moving line or stops in the site by means of magnetic tape guidance, RFID card. It can not only move forward or backward, but also turn left, turn right and automatically lifting. In this say, the material conveying task is completed.

This AGV warehousing robot will replace the traditional warehouse trolley and forklift truck with a load of up to 500 KG and can be used to carry common materials and goods in warehouses. The robot is equipped with lidar and stereo camera. After loading the goods, it can automatically avoid obstacles and identify roads.

warehouse logistics agv Type and Structure

IKV logisticsforklift AGV includes pallet forklift AGV, wide foot stacking forklift AGV, non foot stacking forklift AGV. Forklift AGV is used to stack pallet type cargo, which consists of hydraulic lifting system, differential speed driving system, PLC control system, guidance system, communication system, alarming system, operation system, electrical power, etc. In a word, it is a programmable or wireless automated guided vehicle based on hydraulic lifting and PLC control system.

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warehouse logistics agv Technical Parameter


Basic Parameter

Working Voltage


Moving Direction

Forward, Backward, Left, Right or Bifurcate

Site Sensor Type

RFID Long Distance Non-contact Reader(magnetic guidance)

Site Control Mode

Relative Address + Remote Control Start

Site Control Method

It is configured with touch screen setter, the editable stop site and callable manipulation

Maximum Conveying Weight(KG)


Long Distance Non-contact Safety Protection

Ultrasonic + Infrared Obstacle Sensor


Short Distance Contact Safety Protection


 Rubber Anti-collision Sensor


AGV Size



Guidance Type

Magnetic Guidance or Laser Guidance

Driving Motor Type

DC Brushless Motor

Moving Speed


Support manual moving without magnetic tape


Stop repetitive precision (at the lowest speed)


Road Slope (%)


Allowable Groove Width(mm)at low speed moving  




AGV Power


Plumbic Acid Battery


The Time for Continuous Moving


4 Hours


Operation Environment


Temperature ()


Humidity (%)



Common Indoor Environment without Dust, Oil, Dew Formation, Rain or Coal Gas

The Benefits of Using IKV warehouse logistics agv price

1. Reduce labor cost and remove overtime or turnover cost;
2. Guarantee the safety of factory device;
3. Reduce loss of product or shipment;
4. The light-out configuration save energy consumption
5. Adjust to all kinds of stand, pallet, or manufacturing operations.

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Scope of Application for IKV warehouse logistics agv

Forklift AGV is widely applied in warehouse or distribution center. It can be used in the following field:

1.Transportation between production line and warehouse
2. Picking from the palletizer, stretch wrappers, conveyor to the end of the production line;
3. Various kinds of warehouse, such as narrow aisle, stacking, racking, etc.
4. Conveying loads from receiving to production or warehouse;
5. Trailer loading or unloading

We are leading in AGV robot industry and devote ourselves to three solutions for solving:

1)Provide solutions of intelligent robot for storage system and stereoscopic warehouse.
2)Provide solutions of intelligent Auotamatic guided vehicel for logistics handling system
3)Provide solutions of intelligent AGV transfer veshicle to industry 4.0 production line.

Top level planning engineers,programming engineers and mechanical enginners as one team to provide the excellent service with competive price.

All our AGV robots can be driven by operator, contorller or Autoamatic guided and it can by access with your ERP,MES and WMS system accurately.

PLC controller system, with 360 degree omnibearing moving mecanum wheel and 4 wheel drivings.

Forklift AGV Accessories


IKV Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) robot products range covers lurking AGV,load transfer AGV,lifting AGV,forklift AGV,warehouse logistics AGV robot etc.Different navigation method available,customized IKV Automated Guided Vehicle welcome. More about AGVs and other industrial robots please inquiry: Industrial Robots:

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