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front-moving agv unmanned forklift-IKV agv robot - IKV Robot

Name: front-moving agv unmanned forklift-IKV agv robot - IKV Robot
Category: AGV
Introduction: front-moving forklift agv introduction The front-moving forklift AGVs mast or fork frame can be moved forwards and backwards out of the front wheel to fork or put down the goods. Wh..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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front-moving forklift agv introduction

front-moving forlift agv robot

The front-moving forklift AGV's mast or fork frame can be moved forwards and backwards out of the front wheel to fork or put down the goods. When walking, the fork takes the goods back so that the center of gravity of the goods is within the supporting surface; there are two types of forward-moving forklifts. A forward leg can play a stabilizing effect. It has the characteristics of high lift, large load and small volume.

front-moving forklift agv robot technical parameter

Item Technical parameter
Stacker forklift model specifications IKV-MGF6-08
Transfer method Floor rear fork
Body type CDD20-ABC1S-B
Car body shape (L×W×H) (mm) 2050×1100×2410
Maximum extension (L×W×H) (mm) 2482×1100×2410
Front and rear track (mm) 1425mm
Body weight (kg) 1420KG
Cargo weight (Kg) 800Kg
Lifting method (hydraulic or electric) Hydraulic
Lifting height (mm) 0~6000mm(customizable)
Boost speed No load 0.145 m/s
Fully loaded 0.11 m/s
Drive mode and steering mode Front-wheel drive and steering
Braking method Electromagnetic brake
Walking speed (m/min) Foward without load 0~72 m/min
Back without load 0~18 m/min
Turn without turn 36m/min
Acceleration 0.5m/s2
Load advance 0~72 m/min
Load retreat 0~18 m/min
Load turn 36m/min
Walking function go ahead
Walking motor Motor type AC 
Power (kw) 1.5KW
Walking accuracy (mm) Left and right swing difference of straight line ±10mm
Turn left and right swing ±10mm
Left and right deviation of dividing line ±10mm
Full load deceleration stop ±10mm
Minimum turning radius (mm) 1662mm
Ground clearance height (mm) 40mm
Guidance method laser
way of communication Communication frequency 2.4GHz
Transfer speed 802.11g 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6 Mbps,auto-fallback
Transmit power 24 dBm @ 54 Mbps, 26 dBm @ 6 Mbps
Effective area radius 60M
Laser parameters Laser model NAV350
Laser type GaAs
Laser wavelength 905nm
Security Level 1, eye-safe
Angular resolution 0.1 degree
power 36W
Scan speed 8rps
Protection level IP54
voltage 24VDC
Safety device (indicate the installation position: such as the machine head and left and right fuselage, machine head sweeping safety ring, fork end, etc.) Obstacle detection Beiyang UST-05LNI head part
Infrared obstacle detection Photoelectric fork end
Micro Switch  Fork end
Emergency stop (critical) switch Upper part of the nose
Cargo location detection device Fork end
Other devices Head contact safety ring
Lifting device Fork
Battery parameters Battery type Lead acid battery
Battery capacity 280AH
Charging mode Automatic charging
Full charge duration 8 hours

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