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Automatic lifting AGV pallet truck

Name: Automatic lifting AGV pallet truck
Category: AGV
Introduction: IKV Automatic lifting AGV, also named Automatic Elevating AGV, can convey the material to the designated material receiving platform. AGV lifting vehicle body controls scissor-type ..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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Introduction of Automatic lifting AGV

IKV Automatic lifting AGV, also named Automatic Elevating AGV, can convey the material to the designated material receiving platform. AGV pallet truck vehicle body controls scissor-type elevator to complete automatic unloading along with different height of fabric cutter.

Automatic elevating AGV
Automatic elevating AGV Benefits:
1. Automatic lifting AGV  It has lateral movement function, which can be applied under the conditions such as narrow space, compact space or docking situation that common AGV can not meet.
2. Scissors-type lifting platform can achieve automatic docking whatever of different sites or height. Moreover, the roller in the platform can meet material automatic conveying.
3. Automatic AGV lift trucks improves the driving safety in every direction.

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Automatic lifting AGV Application
IKV Elevating AGV system can fully address the client’s material handling or material movement demands. This automatic guided carts can be applied in the primary application filed, including Warehouse/Distribution Center, Manufacturing, Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Newspaper, Commercial Print, Chemical, Hospital, Automotive, etc.

Automatic Lifting AGV Parameter:

Item Automatic Lifting AGV
AGV Body Size 800*500*250mm
 Loading Type Scissors-type Elevator
Elevator Type Electro-hydraulic Type
Lifting Distance 450mm-950mm from ground
  Product Size  800*500*250mm
  Guidance Type Magnetic Guidance
Moving Direction Two-way Automatic
Road Divided Support 3 divided road automatic option
Site Identification Industrial RFID, Number ID type
Function Identification Industrial RFID, it can achieve stop, acceleration, deceleration, waiting or road selection, etc.
Screen Industrial Colored Screen, 4.5 cun-11cun (Optional)
Control Method Automatic Running, Manual Operation (Wired/Wifi)
Soft Support Windows Client, Cell Phone Client, On-board Screen
Loading Method Top lifting with rotating platform
Continuous Running Time ±10mm
Working Mode More than 8 hours
Secondary Development Support or open relevant software or hardware port

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