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AGV transfer robot car / AGV trolley for sale

Name: AGV transfer robot car / AGV trolley for sale
Category: AGV
Introduction: AGV car introduce AGV Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), also known as AGV car. The equipment is equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance device, which can drive alo..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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AGV car introduce

AGV Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), also known as AGV car. The equipment is equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance device, which can drive along the prescribed guidance path, and has safety protection and various transport functions. In industrial applications, no driver's truck is needed, and the rechargeable battery is the power source. In general, a computer can be used to control its route and behavior, or to use electromagnetic orbit to set up its route. The electromagnetic orbit is adhered to the floor, and the unmanned vehicle depends on the information brought by the electromagnetic orbit. Its main features are car programming, parking selection, safety protection and various load shifting functions. Under the monitoring of the computer, it can drive independently, drive along the prescribed guidance path, reach the designated location, and complete a series of tasks. Its system technology and products have become the important equipment and technology of flexible production line, flexible assembly line and warehousing logistics automation system.

AGV car,AGV trolley

Advantages of AGV car

1. instead of manual handling, reduce labor intensity;
2., it can be strong combination, and it can be easily realized by adding the drive control unit.
3. flexible, high automation and high level of intelligence, the driving path of AGV can be changed flexibly according to the requirements of storage space, production process and so on, and the cost of running path change is very low compared with the traditional conveyor belt and rigid transmission line.
4. is advanced: AGV integrates light, machine, electricity and computer as an organic whole. It combines the advanced theory and application technology in the field of science and technology. The guidance ability is high, the positioning accuracy is high, and the performance of automatic driving is good. Reduce labor force, reduce the loss of human operation; reduce personnel, save time, shorten the staffing; it can optimize the production structure and save manpower, material and financial resources in places where people are inconvenient to enter.
5. action fast: AGV is characterized by wheeled mobile. Walking, crawling or other non wheeled mobile robots have the advantages of quick action, high efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good security. Compared with the commonly used stacker, monorail car, conveyor belt, transmission chain, transmission track and fixed robot, the active area of AGV does not need to lay the fixed devices such as track, support frame and so on. It is not restricted by site, road and space. Therefore, in the automated logistics system, it can fully reflect its automation and flexibility, and achieve efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production. AGV widely used factory enterprises
6. the adjustment of the production layout is very simple. The installation and debugging can be carried out in production time without affecting production, and the change of the trajectory is flexible, and the layout can be changed at any time without affecting production.
7. the investment cycle is 1~2 months, the transformation period is 1 to 1 weeks, compared with the logistics line equipment, the investment cycle is doubled, and the transformation cycle is shortened by more than 8 times.
8. the cost and the logistics line equipment compared to the new cost greatly reduced, the operation cost of the minimum electricity consumption does not exist in the logistics line equipment airlift to waste, production layout changes when the transformation cost is very low, only change the track, waste to zero.

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Working principle of AGV trolley

The guidance of AGV refers to the position information obtained according to the AGV guidance sensor and the value of the actual control command of the AGV according to the target value provided by the path of AGV. That is, the setting speed and the steering angle of the AGV are given, which is the key to the AGV control technology. In short, the guidance control of AGV is AGV trajectory tracking. There are many ways to guide AGV, for example, using the central point of the guiding sensor as a reference point to track the virtual points on the magnetic stripe is one of them. The control goal of AGV is to modify the speed of the driving wheel to change the direction of AGV by detecting the relative position of the reference point and the virtual point, and try to make the reference point above the virtual point. In this way, the AGV can always track the boot line.

When the material handling instruction is received, the controller system calculates and analyzes the running map and the current position and direction of the AGV car, selects the route, automatically controls the driving and steering of the AGV car, when the AGV arrives at the loading position and stops accurately, the movement of the load transfer mechanism, Complete the loading process. Then the AGV car starts and goes to the target unloading point. After accurate stop, the movement of the mechanism is carried out, the unloading process is completed, and the position and state of the control system are reported to the control system. Then the AGV car starts and goes to the standby area. The next move will be made after receiving the new instructions.

AGV car Parameter

AGV Type AGV car
External Dimension L800*W500*H500(mm)
Control Type PLC/AGV Moving Control Chip(Optional)
Guidance Type Magnetic Tape Guidance/Photoelectric Guidance/Laser Guidance(Optional)
Moving Direction Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Bifurcate
Communication Function Wireless LAN(Optional)
Driving Method Differential Speed Driving
Driving Power DC24V、DC48V
Driving Lifting Type Manual Lifting or Electrical Lifting
Carrying Capacity 100、300、500、1000KG(Custom)
Moving Speed 30-45m/min speed(custom)
Turning Radius the minimum 500mm (line pavement radius)
Guidance Precision ±10mm
Working Type 24 Hours
Gradeability 3-5 degree
Stop Precision ±10mm
Charging Type Manual Charging (optional automatic charging)
Battery Maintenance Free Battery,Continuous discharge number>300 times
Safety Induction Range ≤3m,Adjustable 20mm the distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm
Human-computer interaction Adopt touch screen man-machine interaction, easy to set parameters, the site and submitted to the warning.
Working Environment Indoor Temperature: 0-40 Celsius Degree Relative Humidity: 40%-80%
Safety Protection Front Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism + Emergency Button
Design Life >10 Years

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