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automatic slam mobile agv robot wifi

Name: automatic slam mobile agv robot wifi
Category: AGV
Introduction: automatic slam mobile agv robot wifi Use IWF 310, NIO 51 and nCare (a remote network management tool) to set up and manage industrial Wi-Fi networks with multiple routes, Automated ..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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slam agv robot wifi

automatic slam mobile agv robot wifi Use IWF 310, NIO 51 and nCare (a remote network management tool) to set up and manage industrial Wi-Fi networks with multiple routes, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems are mainly used for distribution of materials in warehouse environments, and movement of material from production areas and storage areas to other areas in manufacturing industry and logistics.

slam agv robot Introduction

• The laser SLAM algorithm achieves high-precision positioning. The laser positioning accuracy reaches within ±10mm, achieving seamless docking between robots, robots and people. The goods flow efficiently between stations.

• Provides a wide range of expansion platforms from 50kg to 500kg to meet the load and requirements of different industries; can be used with rollers, belts, pan/tilt, robots, displays to achieve one chassis with multiple applications.

• Support a variety of navigation methods: magnetic strip / RFID, multi-laser natural contours, reflectors, inertial navigation, camera, arbitrary switching. Ensuring high precision, users no longer have to worry about the troubles of complex environments.

• With the multi-machine scheduling system RoboRoute, it supports the scheduling and deployment of hundreds of AMB robots. Ensure that each robot is ready to use, the scheduling system automatically recognizes the synchronization, no additional operations required.

• With the visual software Roboshop, the one-stop operation of the robot calibration, mapping, navigation, configuration, monitoring, flexible, convenient and fast to get started.

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SLAM agv robot Technical Parameters


Identification Model   IKV-LGV SLAM LGV
Operating   Stand-on Stand-on
Rated traction weight Kg 2000 3000
Rated traction F(N) 400 600
Max.Rated traction F(N) 1400 1600
Dimension Thread,rear C(mm) 700 700
Axle loading,front/rear Kg 390/325 390/325
Wheelbase L1(mm) 950 950
Overall length L(mm) 1470 1470
Overall width D(mm) 810 810
Overall height H(mm) 1260 1260
Min. turning  radius Wa(mm) 1350 1350
Min Ground clearance E(mm) 50 50
Draw bar height N1(mm) 175 175
Draw bar height N2(mm) 220 220
Draw bar height N3(mm) 250 250
Performance Drive speed,laden/unladen Km/h 5/5 5/5
Gradeability,laden/unladen %  5/8  5/8
Service brake   Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Wheel Drive wheel(Polyurethane)   230*75 230*75
Rear wheel(Polyurethane)   180*50 180*50
Balance wheel(Polyurethane)   115*55 115*55
Motor Drive motor power Kw 1.5 1.8
Battery voltage/capacity V/Ah 24/240 24/270
Weight Battery weight Kg 240 240
Service weight(include battery) Kg 828 1031


slam agv robot vedio

Scalable elastic network

The IWF 310 and the NIO 51 are used as industrial points in the AGV and grid point linking adjacent units on the moving grid points, respectively, and the IWF 310 and the NIO 51 can flexibly extend Wi-Fi coverage to the entire operating area of the AGVs. AGV navigation is not limited to the location of wired Ethernet outlets.

In addition, the IWF 310 and NIO 51 are interconnected to create multiple routes to ensure that shipping orders and inventory updates are passed. When an obstacle prevents the connection between the IWF 310 and the NIO 51, a bypass route through another NIO 51 on the AGV can transmit a transmission command to the designated AGV with the best signal strength to reduce data loss.

Solution advantage

Such an industrial Wi-Fi network can be easily deployed. Mesh technology reduces the time and effort associated with cabling, speeds up setup and avoids the hassle of future retrofitting or expansion. Thanks to this technology, industrial Wi-Fi networks are highly resilient, self-forming and self-healing network links, and require less human intervention. While occasionally prioritizing network monitoring, you can remotely check real-time network activity and log events to help network administrators resolve issues.

The control center can rely on an industrial Wi-Fi network to orchestrate a batch of AGVs - assign shipping orders and receive inventory updates - automate inventory management and increase operational efficiency.

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