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  • Bidirectional Roller AGV

    Bidirectional Roller AGV

    Bidirectional roller AGV is mainly used to distribute the raw material, semi-finished good or ready made good. It can conduct some boring, repetitive, long-time or dangerous work instead of man. It can be regarded as mobile assembly or working table....
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  • <b>Laser guidance forklift AGV</b>

    Laser guidance forklift AGV

    IKV laser guidance forklift AGV, also referred to as Laser guided vehicles. There are four main types of laser guided vehicles: high reach lift LGVs, fork LGVs, conveyor-bed LGVS and reel LGVs....
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  • <b>One way lurking AGV</b>

    One way lurking AGV

    One way lurking AGV, Lurking Pull AGV submarine to the next car. This One-Way Automatic Guided Vehicle can move under the material cart to hook or unhook, or pull the material cart delivery. The One way lurking AGV has small shape, compact structure a...
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  • <b>Backpack AGV</b>

    Backpack AGV

    Backpack AGV is running along with pallet, rack or case on its back. The material transfer can be achieved by one point to multiple points based on magnetic guidance. The backpack forklift AGV calling system can optionally transports the load to site ...
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  • <b>Magnetic guidance forklift AGV</b>

    Magnetic guidance forklift AGV

    Magnetic guidance forklift AGV, also called Magnetic Tape guidance, Which adds intelligent guidance and control system on basis of traditional electrical forklift. This magnetic AGVs moves in the designated moving line or stops in the site by means o...
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  • Heavy Burden Carriers AGV

    Heavy Burden Carriers AGV

    Heavy Burden Carriers AGV, also called as Heavy Burden Carrier Vehicles and Heavy Large-Platform Bidirectional Driving Knapsack AGV, They can be supplied with self-loading capabilities as well as standard, pivot and omni-directional steering....
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