Industry 4.0 system

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Industry 4.0 Card

Name: Industry 4.0 Card
Category: Industry 4.0 system
Introduction: Internet of Thing means connecting all of the objects and internet by means of information recognition device such as load cell, and thus achieve intelligent recognition or manageme..
Manufacturer: IKV Robot
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Introduction of IKV Industry 4.0 Card

Industry 4.0 Card
Industry 4.0 Card
Industry 4.0 Card

IKV Industry 4.0 card Characteristics:
1.Strong communication power: compatibly support PLC Modbus RTU and Tcp/IP protocol
2.Variable communication connector: support RS485/RJ45 to communicate with module
3.Strong external communication: having WIFI, 4G, Internet or other method so as to meet all kinds of industrial environment;
IKV Industry 4.0 card features:
By phone, PAD, computer to achieve the following functions:
1. The body comes with WIFI function, providing WIFI network solutions;
2. You can remotely control the machine;
3. The debugger related equipment;
4. Check the body can monitor the production data;
IKV Industry 4.0 card advanced features:
1. Big Data analysis: monthly and annual statements;
2. Professional customized, individual needs;
Industry 4.0 Card

Why choose IKV Industry 4.0 Card?

Industry 4.0 Card
Industry 4.0 Card
Industry 4.0 Card
Industry 4.0 Card
Industry 4.0 Card
Industry 4.0 Card

Industry 4.0 Card

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