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Overview of Obstacle Avoidance Device of AGV vehicle robot

Date: 2019-09-19 14:37    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

AGV trolley should be operated efficiently on the premise of ensuring the safety of AGV trolley operation. The safety protection device of AGV trolley provided by IKV AGV manufacturer can be divided into two types: obstacle contact type and obstacle non-contact type. The working principle of IKV AGV vehicle manufacturer is described in detail below.

agv vehicle robot

Barrier contact protection device: It is generally located in the front and rear of AGV car body running direction, its material is flexible and flexible, the width should be greater than or equal to the body width. When warehouse robot agv contacts with the object, the obstacle contact protection device deforms, thus touching the relevant limit device, forcing its AGV car to stop without power. Contact protection devices are usually bumpers or safety rings. Some of the safety guard rings are made of two layers of soft metal to form a pair of electrical contacts, some are equipped with micro-switch, and the bumper is often attached with strain gauges. When the bumper or safety guard ring encounters obstacles, the AGV car stops. Its security protection measures belong to terminal protection shielding.

Non-contact barrier protection device: usually a multi-pole proximity monitoring device. For example, within a certain distance, it can slow down the speed of the AGV car; within a closer distance, it will make the AGV car stop. After removing the obstacles, the AGV car will automatically resume its normal running state. This kind of device includes laser type, ultrasonic type, infrared type and so on. The distance between the obstacle and the AGV vehicle robot can be measured according to the reflected laser, ultrasound and infrared ray. When the distance is less than a certain value, the AGV car will be alarmed by a warning lamp, buzzer or special tone, and the speed of the AGV car will be reduced or stopped.

Jiangxi IKV domestic professional AGV car manufacturer provides material handling solutions for different industries in China, including laser navigation forklift AGV, bidirectional latent AGV, warehousing logistics AGV and so on.

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