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What are the factors related to the price of the AGV smart car?

Date: 2019-09-06 10:01    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

IKV is a well-known AGV smart car manufacturer in China. The AGV smart car is widely used in the material handling of workshops. IKV AGV manufacturers can customize the production according to the actual working conditions of users, and provide users with a full set of material handling solutions. For the price of AGV smart cars, IKV AGV manufacturers explain the following two aspects.

agv robot price

AGV car compatibility: At present, the AGV smart car on the market is mainly divided into individual work and system work. Some high-priced AGV smart cars can cooperate with other smart devices to form an integrated intelligent handling system; this AGV Smart cars are designed not only to consider the sporting performance and longevity, but also to communicate with other intelligent equipment systems on the market, so the technical cost is high, so the price is also high.

Personalized customization of AGV cars: The AGV smart cars sold in the market are primary processing equipment, but often some industrial workshops need to be customized according to the operation of the workshop. Generally, medium and large AGV smart car manufacturers support customization, and even some enterprises for trucks. Wheel diameters, operating methods, and motor power are all required. For custom products, the cost of production is also high.

The above two aspects are real-time quotes for specific products that affect the price of AGV smart cars. Email:

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