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AGV market demand is strong, outdoor applications will gradually improve

Date: 2019-04-08 16:17    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

AGV has many titles, such as: unmanned vans, auto-guided carts, intelligent mobile robots, automatic handling robots, etc. It is mainly controlled by computer and wireless local area network, magnetic stripe, two-dimensional code, The AGV trolley provides a highly flexible and automated mode of transportation for the modern manufacturing logistics, guided by a laser and other guiding devices and along a pre-programmed route, autonomously running the unmanned trolley.

material handling agv robot

Today, AGV can be said to be a hot product in China. Due to the strong market demand, the development speed of AGV is also very fast, which has promoted the strong and powerful development of the company. Since the beginning of Industry 4.0, China's demand for AGV has increased significantly, and the usage has doubled in recent years.

At present, AGV has a large-scale application in China's tobacco, printing, automobile, electronics, heavy industry, optoelectronics and other industries, and is showing an increasing trend, and there are some new technologies and industry application trends. There are many cases of AGV in indoor applications. AGV is applied outdoors, and technology still needs to be broken (subject to relatively harsh natural conditions). I believe that it will not be long before it will gradually improve and enter the application stage.

The use of AGV greatly improves the efficiency of production operations, reduces costs and saves resources. Due to the high usage rate of AGV and wide application range, it has contributed to social and economic development. Many manufacturing companies have seen this business opportunity enter the AGV market.

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