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AGV handling robot navigation mode:Optical guidance

Date: 2019-01-23 11:41    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

At present, the working environment of AGV can be divided into indoor environment and outdoor environment. More systems work indoors or indoors as the main work place. Because of the universality of the interior, it can provide theoretical and technical support for the development of mobile robots used in various occasions. The indoor environment is regarded as a structured environment, the light is relatively stable and the environment complexity is limited. The signs on the structured road often have obvious features, such as color, width, boundary, etc., so that the road identification can be extracted with a simpler method. And then restore the road scene.

There are many ways to navigate the AGV. Let's learn about optical navigation today.

Optical guidance is based on the principle that the propagation process of a single light source does not change. A reflective light-stable ribbon is placed on the travel path, and a photoelectric sensor capable of transmitting and receiving light sources is mounted on the vehicle, and the emission and detection are detected in real time. The signal to adjust the direction of the vehicle's operation. Its advantage is that the guide line is less expensive to install and has better flexibility, but it is very sensitive to the pollution of the ribbon and mechanical wear, the environmental requirements are too high, and the guiding reliability is poor.

The optical guidance AGV trolley guides the identification of the ribbon image signal acquired by the optical sensor by painting or pasting the ribbon on the travel path. In addition, the replacement of ordinary optical sensors with CCD cameras and image processing systems can effectively improve the reliability of the guidance system. At present, optical guidance technology is mature and widely used.

IKV industrial robots focus on the development and production of AGV and palletizing robots. Factory direct sales, AGV has a variety of navigation methods, welcome to buy consulting.

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