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AGV handling robot navigation mode:Coordinate navigation

Date: 2019-01-22 16:49    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The AGV cars on the market are divided into roughly eight types, coordinate navigation, electromagnetic navigation, magnetic navigation, laser navigation, optical navigation, inertial navigation, picture recognition navigation, and GPS navigation. More common should be coordinate navigation, magnetic navigation, laser navigation, I will introduce the coordinate navigation mode below.

Coordinate navigation: The positioning area is used to divide the driving area of the AGV into a small number of coordinate areas. The navigation is realized by counting the small areas. Generally, there are photoelectric type (the small area of the coordinate is divided into two colors, counted by the photoelectric device) and the electromagnetic type ( The small coordinate area is divided into metal blocks or magnetic blocks and counted by electromagnetic induction devices. The advantages are that the path can be modified, the reliability of the guidance is good, and there is no special requirement for the environment. The disadvantage is that the ground measurement installation is complicated, the workload is large, the guiding precision and the positioning accuracy are low, and the requirements of the complex path cannot be met.

Technology is always in the modernization, new technology is always step by step in the elimination of the old technology in the past, in the AGV industry, the most advanced and of course laser navigation, all aspects of performance are much stronger than other navigation the way. Finding the right ones in many product categories is easy, but it's not easy to meet your own requirements. IKV Robotics has advanced patented technology, and AGV navigation technology leads the market, satisfying customers' needs and satisfying them until they are satisfied.

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