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Applicability of dispatching instructions for AGV forklifts

Date: 2019-01-21 16:34    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

forklift agv robot

1, order allocation

The task command issued by the AGV forklift to accept the upper adjustment computer is assigned according to the order of the empty waiting time. More suitable for electromagnetic guidance, tape guidance, optical guidance, point guidance AGV system.

2, random allocation

The AGV forklift accepts the upper adjustment computer's task command is randomly assigned according to all waiting empty cars. More suitable for laser guided, inertial guidance AGV system.

3. Optimize distribution

The AGV forklift accepts the upper adjustment computer to give the task command to pre-allocate according to the distance of the current location of the empty vehicle from the target point of the mission. If there is a more empty vehicle in the process, the system will automatically Re-change the instructions and eventually transfer the task to the nearest AGV forklift for execution. More suitable for laser guided, inertial guidance AGV system.

4, special distribution

The AGV forklift accepts the upper-level adjustment computer's task command according to the priority of time, task, condition, etc., and performs conversion adjustment according to demand. More suitable for laser guided, inertial guidance AGV system.

The applicability of AGV forklifts is closely related to different industries, models, guidance methods, routes and adjustment requirements. In addition, different environments, occasions, requirements, prices and other issues have a great impact on applicability. It has certain reference value for correct understanding and accurate learning in the actual project design. In practice, the advantages and disadvantages of an AGV forklift system are not only caused by design problems, but also related to the correct use of the user, and directly related to the manufacturing process, processing level, assembly and commissioning, maintenance and so on.

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