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AGV handling robot navigation mode: Inertial Navigation

Date: 2019-01-18 17:26    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

Inertial navigation AGV advantages and disadvantages:

Inertial navigation is an autonomous navigation system that does not rely on external information and is not susceptible to interference. Inertial navigation is the measurement of the acceleration of the carrier in the inertial reference frame by the AGV, and then automatically calculates the instantaneous acceleration and position of the cargo, and applies it to the navigation coordinate system to obtain the velocity in the navigation coordinate system. Data such as yaw angle position.

working principle diagram

inertial nacigation agv working principle diagram

The advantage of inertial navigation is that after the initial conditions are given, the position, orientation and speed of the goods can be determined without external reference. It is suitable for precise positioning and orientation under various complex geographical environments and external disturbances, and it can continuously measure position changes and accurately maintain dynamic accuracy.

With the increasing demand for high technology in today's economy, people's understanding of inertial navigation technology has been popularized and deepened. The application field of inertial navigation has expanded from military to civilian, from navigation and guidance to stability and control, and is working hard to develop. New technologies and products with market competitiveness.

Work track diagram

inertial agv work track diagram

Electrode foil is a key raw material for the manufacture of aluminum electrolysis. Due to the rapid development of the electronics industry, inertial navigation has also contributed to the development of the aluminum electrode foil industry. Colleagues are increasingly demanding for the miniaturization, high performance, and chip formation of aluminum electrolytic vessels. They have high requirements for the technology and quality of electrode foil operations. Colleagues also put forward high demands for efficient and correct warehouse management.

When transporting loading and unloading logistics during logistics and storage, it takes a long time and costs. In order to reduce costs and improve efficiency, the adoption of automatic handling technology is imperative, and the development of inertial navigation has received more and more attention. Among the many handling technologies, AGV has become the solution for logistics and warehousing with its unique superiority.

Therefore, the use of AGV is more and more common. AGV is used as a carrier to coordinate the overall logistics system to realize the automatic transmission and transportation of goods. The application of AGV inertial navigation realizes the automation, intelligence and information management of warehouse logistics or factory, which greatly improves the Manage efficiency and reduce error rates.

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