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AGV handling robot traditional navigation method: electromagnetic navigation

Date: 2019-01-07 11:15    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

There are many navigation methods for AGV handling robots, such as laser navigation, inertial navigation, two-dimensional code navigation, etc. But what is the difference between them? Today Xiaobian introduces a relatively traditional navigation method: electromagnetic navigation.

AGV wire guidance

Wire Guidance is a relatively traditional AGV navigation method that works by embedding a metal wire in the path of the AGV and loading a low frequency, low frequency current to generate a magnetic field around the wire, and the AGV is sensing on the path of travel. The coil passes, and the identification and tracking of the navigation magnetic field strength realizes the guidance of the AGV.

Advantages of electromagnetic navigation: the wire is concealed, not easy to be polluted and damaged, the guiding principle is simple and reliable, the communication control is convenient, the sound and light are not interfered, and the investment cost is low.

Disadvantages of electromagnetic navigation: Changing or expanding the path is more cumbersome and the guide line is relatively difficult to lay.

The above is the point and shortcoming of the electromagnetic navigation method of the AGV handling robot. I hope to help more companies to better select the AGV handling robots that are suitable for them.

Fully intelligent AGV equipment customization, realizing the real unmanned warehouse is the goal of the Jiateng robot! With high quality, low price, standardization and long-term spare parts, Jiateng will solve your worries.

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