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Humanoid Robot Olympics Closing

Date: 2019-02-26 14:37    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    
    Mudanjiang University hosted "samsung" Second Anti-Robot Olympiad after two days of athletics on the 29th ended in Mudanjiang City Hailin Stadium.
     Organizing Committee announced the tournament six categories of final grade 24. Competition Harbin Institute of Technology team won weightlifting, penalty, 3vs3 football championship in 10 projects, Mudanjiang University of ladder running, shooting, wrestling and other five titles good results. United States, South Korea, Japan won three  teams were pulling trucks, side dishes, couples dance marathon and other projects.
      25 domestic and foreign teams in the job classes and two types of humanoid race, combined with the robot to open the door, clean and care the elderly and other real life applications, applications to strengthen the attributes of the robot; the new humanoid race taekwondo, broadcast gymnastics, ballet and other projects in the participating teams also have excellent performance.
        The competition to fully achieve the organic combination of technology and life, the events contain the core technology and key technologies needed for future humanoid service robot with coverage, the real "robot into the life," laid a solid foundation.

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