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IKV autuomated guided vehicle Manufacturers Overview of Scheduling Model Principles in AGVS Systems

Date: 2019-08-24 10:50    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

IKV is a professional supplier of intelligent material handling solutions in Jiangxi. The AGV unmanned trucks provided by IKV include: latent AGV car, traction AGV car, forklift AGV car, etc., to meet the material handling of different industries. demand. The intelligent handling of AGV car is inseparable from the automatic guided van system (AGVS). The following Nanchang IKV AGV manufacturers outline the principle of the dispatching model in the AGVS system.

Classification of AGV car scheduling mechanisms. The scheduling mechanism of the AGV car is divided into three types according to the main body of the transmission, reception management and execution of the task instruction, namely centralized scheduling, requesting service and autonomous processing.

agv automated guided vehicle

AGV trolley task management and vehicle scheduling. When there are too many commands to be executed and there is no idle AGV car, the upper controller should temporarily store these commands and then complete them step by step in a certain order. The commands with high ranks will be executed first. The upper controller performs the task of carrying and the specific position of the current AGV automatic guided vehicle according to the need, and then performs the allocation and scheduling of the AGV automatic guided vehicle.

Traffic management of AGV car. The work of each AGV automated guided vehicle is carried out under the supervision of the upper system. The AGV automatic guided vehicle reports its working status to the system at any time, waiting for the system to give the line command to be taken next. If the line is occupied, the AGV automatic guided vehicle cannot pass and must wait until the system permits it.

IKV AGV manufacturers have provided high-efficiency, ultra-stable, high-quality AGV trolley equipment for domestic tires, automobiles, 3C electronics, home appliances, machinery manufacturing and many other industries. Welcome to the IKV AGV manufacturer:

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