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what is the function of the lurking AGV truck?

Date: 2019-07-23 13:34    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The lurking AGV trolley is a kind of automatic guided transport vehicle. It is characterized by short head, strong traction, and can drive goods with a weight of nearly 1000. It is more efficient than manual labor and can be used in large-scale production workshops. It plays a big role, often in the way it can automatically find a convenient route to the destination, the obstacle will stop slowly, there will be no problems such as cargo collision.

Automatic lifting AGV pallet truck

When the AGV truck pulls out the cargo, its rear tail is very heavy, and the system will control itself at the speed. Although people can adjust its speed on the panel, in the environment with more obstacles, its speed will be Automatically slow down, if there is a need to turn, the speed will be controlled, which is the guiding system in the device is working. However, when its load is not large, the corner becomes much lighter, and even the cargo can be carried up and down. When an emergency occurs, the system will automatically shut down.

The obstacle avoidance system of the AGV truck also plays a role in charging. It has an anti-leakage device to prevent damage to the human machine. It is worth noting that the warning light of the truck is in a conspicuous position, which can facilitate people to know the condition of the equipment in time, and improve the work efficiency while ensuring the safety of the production process. With the development of robot technology, the latent van will carry more humanized functions to solve various problems encountered in production.

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