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AGV payload and technical parameters

Date: 2019-03-16 16:05    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The load weight of unmanned agv trolleys can range from a few kilograms to several tons. It is divided into light-load and heavy-duty agv. The load of the agv trolley can be set according to user requirements. Different models are used, such as the following. Types of heavy-duty agv trolleys can carry materials at the tonnage level.

1: The rated load of the AGV trolley

The maximum weight of the cargo can be carried by the automatic guided van. The load capacity of the AGV trolley ranges from 50KG to 20000KG, of which medium to small tonnage is the most. According to the survey of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan, the current AGV small vehicle weight is below 100KG. 19%, load capacity of 100kg-300kg accounted for 22%, 300kg-500kg accounted for 9%, 500kg-1000kg accounted for 18%, 1000kg-2000kg accounted for 21%, 2000Kg-5000kg accounted for 8%, and more than 50,000kg Very few.

2: AGV trolley weight

Self-weight refers to the total weight of the automatic guided van and battery

3: AGV car body size

The size of the car body refers to the length, width and height of the car body. The size should be compatible with the size and channel width of the cargo being carried.

4: AGV car parking accuracy

Refers to the deviation between the actual position where the AGV car arrives at the destination address and is ready for automatic transfer and the position set by the program. This parameter is very important and is the main basis for determining the transfer mode. Different transfer methods Require different parking accuracy.

5: Minimum turning radius of AGV trolley

Refers to the distance between the instantaneous steering center and the longitudinal centerline of the AGV trolley when the AGV trolley is driving at low speed at low speed and at the maximum deflection. It is an important parameter to determine the space required for the vehicle to run.

6: AGV car running speed

Refers to the maximum speed that can be achieved when the truck is driven under the rated load. It is an important parameter to determine the vehicle's operating cycle and handling efficiency.

7: AGV car work cycle

The time required to automatically guide the truck to complete a worker cycle

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