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The application range of the AGV is introduced

Date: 2019-02-23 10:00    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The application of AGV is very extensive, and the research involves a variety of technical fields. It is a typical mechatronics multi-technology and multi-disciplinary integrated system. With the development of electronics and control technology, AGV's technology is also constantly improving, and is developing towards superior performance, cheaper, higher degree of freedom, ultra-large size and miniaturization. Its application field is also expanding and achieving good results.

The main application areas of AGV are as follows:

1, material handling

In modern material handling, when the total cost of the person and the handling tool used is substantially the same as the cost of using the AGV automated guided vehicle, the market acceptance of the AGV will naturally take shape. The labor costs of developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan are very high, so the use of AGV is more popular and the application is applicable to all walks of life. At present, there are about 20,000 various AGVs in the world running in 2,100 large and small warehouses.

In the three-dimensional warehouse of the development zone that Haier Group put into operation in 2000, nine AGVs formed a flexible in-house automatic handling system, successfully completing the daily handling of 23,400 tons of goods and components. Yuxi Hongta Group and Honghe Cigarette Factory use the laser-guided AGV to carry out cargo handling.

2, flexible assembly line, processing line

Traditional production lines are generally composed of a continuous rigid conveying device, which is several meters long and several kilometers long, such as automobile assembly lines and cylinder processing lines.

The outstanding problems are:

(1) Require the uniformity of the beat of each process, otherwise it will affect the progress of the entire production line due to the delay of any one process, such as lack of materials, missing parts, waste products or unexpected problems.

(2) The requirements for the plant are very large and very long (for larger and heavier cranes to be used for driving), the cost of civil works is high.

(3) The continuous production line cuts off the passage, causing the supply line to be long, and people and vehicles are inconvenient in the past.

(4) Continuous production lines require a large amount of equipment and the investment cost is high.

(5) The rigid production line makes some work that can be synchronized and cross-cutted lost opportunities.

After the emergence of AGV, it can be used not only as an unmanned automatic handling vehicle, but also as a movable assembly station and processing station. They can work independently and independently, and can accurately and orderly connect and form without Physically partitioned, but capable of dynamic regulation, a highly flexible production line. Such as car assembly line, engine assembly line, test line, machine tool processing line, home appliance production line.

special occasions

AGV unmanned automatic handling solves some special environmental problems in which people are not suitable for production or work. Such as nuclear materials, dangerous goods (pesticides, toxic substances, corrosives, biological items, flammable and explosive materials). In steel plants, AGV is used for the transportation of furnace materials, which reduces the labor intensity of workers. In places where nuclear power plants and nuclear radiation are used for fresh-keeping storage, AGVs are used for the transport of goods and avoid dangerous radiation. In film and film warehouses, AGV delivers materials and semi-finished products accurately and reliably in dark environments.

The industries that use more AGVs in China mainly include the tobacco industry and the automotive industry, and more than 20 have adopted AGV. The tobacco industry is the most widely used area of ​​AGV due to its lucrative profits, accounting for about half of the total AGV sales.

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