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Implementation of AGV system wireless network

Date: 2019-02-21 17:38    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), which automatically guides the vehicle system. It is powered by a battery and is equipped with a series of electromechanical devices that enable automatic guidance, automatic driving, and automatic vehicle control systems. The AGV can travel along a defined guiding path, with safety protection and various transfer functions. In industrial applications, the driver's van is not required, and the travel route and behavior can be controlled through a computer.

The reference to the AGV system fits the needs of the smart factory. However, how to monitor a large number of workshop AGVs is a combination of multiple services and hardware and software. Briefly analyze the architecture and scheme of AGV wireless communication.

Wireless network requirements and challenges analysis

 The whole system purchases the standard Ethernet communication mode, and the background scheduling software can be connected to the entire system network in real time to realize the monitoring of the AGV. At the same time, the operator can also operate each AGV in real time through the monitoring screen. The primary station and the remote slave are connected via Ethernet.

AGV internal simple network structure

The production workshop of SAIC passenger car Zhengzhou base is huge. A large number of AGV cars are automatically walking in the area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. Because the trolley is a mobile device, it is impossible to arrange a wired Ethernet network, and communication must be realized by wireless. Here are a few important challenges:

1. Extensive Wi-Fi coverage

2. 5.8G channel

3, equipment matching problem

4, antenna matching problem

The AGV is characterized by wheeled movement. Compared with walking, crawling or other non-wheeled mobile robots, AGV has the advantages of quick action, high work efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good safety. Compared with other equipment commonly used in material transportation, the AGV's active area does not need to be fixed with rails, support frames, etc., and is not limited by the site, road and space. Therefore, in the automated logistics system, it can fully reflect its autonomy and flexibility, and achieve efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production. According to the adaptation scene and technology, AGV can also be divided into traction latent AGV, platform carrying AGV, forklift AGV, omnidirectional AGV and so on.

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