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AGV barcode magnetic tape structure

Date: 2019-02-20 10:22    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    
magnetic tape agv

In the AGV navigation system, the most widely used is the magnetic navigation system because of cost and convenience. The main features of the existing tape navigation are as follows: the tape is laid on the preset path of the AGV trolley, and the magnetic sensor on the AGV trolley senses the magnetic field strength of the tape to determine the direction of travel; the tape is made of rubber or other non-metallic materials, and is added to the material. The magnetic powder with the same magnetic field direction forms a guiding magnetic field; the magnetic sensor uses a plurality of magnetic head arrays, and the array direction is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the magnetic strip. Because the distance from the magnetic tape is different, the magnetic field strength detected by different magnetic heads is different, according to which Tape orientation; on the path of travel, lay discrete optical or RF nodes, detect the information when the AGV passes, and discriminate the interval where the AGV is located; because the position management of the AGV is only accurate to the interval, once the artificial interference occurs, the AGV trolley management system fails, When the accident path is hindered, AGV's traffic dispatching system is easy to collapse; with the increasing demand for logistics intelligence, users need more intelligent and adaptive AGV system, and the existing AGV car position cannot be accurately monitored. Become the obstacle.

A start-stop sensor is mounted on the side of the AGV trolley, and a plurality of array-type magnetic sensors are mounted on the bottom of the AGV. The side of the AGV trolley is equipped with a driver to detect the magnetic field strength signal; the array sensor is from the facing tape to the tape away from the tape. The detected magnetic field strength is from strong to weak, and the tape orientation is determined accordingly; the magnetic powder block distribution on the magnetic tape is bar code type, and the detected magnetic field signal is pulsed when the AGV travels along the magnetic tape; the AGV discriminates the starting point by the node identification. By accumulating the pulses, the actual travel distance is calculated to obtain the current actual position.

Used as a magnetic tape for the generation of navigation signals, the magnetic powder blocks are distributed on the magnetic tape to form a bar code magnetic field; the magnetic sensor array used for signal detection is used to detect the magnetic field signal on the magnetic tape; and the magnetic sensor is detected by different magnetic heads on the array. The signal strength is different, the tape orientation is determined, and the AGV travel direction is determined; when the magnetic sensor passes the barcode tape, the pulsed magnetic field signal is detected, and the travel distance can be accurately determined. By accumulating the detected number of pulses of the encoded tape, accurately detecting the travel distance of the AGV trolley, accurately capturing the current position of the AGV trolley; calculating the actual travel speed of the AGV trolley by the pulse frequency; accurately determining the current position and travel speed of the AGV In this case, the intelligent and flexible driving schedule system becomes possible.

The IKV AGV system is widely used in the company's automated production processes and computer integrated production systems (CIMS), especially in highly automated logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, tobacco, paper, metallurgy, cleanroom and other special industries. Welcome to consult and buy!

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