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Design principle of AGV trolley control system

Date: 2019-02-19 10:38    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

Another name of the AGV car is called the industrial automatic guided car. Under the computer monitoring, the task of picking up, delivering, charging, etc. can be completed according to the specific planned operation, thereby achieving unmanned driving. However, its efficiency and flexibility are better, and it gradually replaces manpower in the assembly industry and logistics industry. The reason why the AGV car can efficiently complete each control task under the main control machine is inseparable from its excellent control system. So what is its design principle?

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 The specific design principle of the AGV trolley control system is:

 After setting the path, the host computer reaches the main control chip through the wireless communication module and the task command. The main control module accepts and processes a series of data packets sent by the system to obtain the position and speed information of the trolley itself and the state information of the elevator, thereby realizing the movement and navigation control of the AGV trolley.

The navigation guidance module ensures that the AGV trolley can operate according to the set path without deviating, and at the same time control a certain precision.

The main control module mainly drives each sensor motor to complete multi-machine communication, and can also control other equipment such as elevators.

The pulse signal sent by the microcontroller is controlled by the stepping drive module and converted into a stepping drive command to control various operating states of the stepping motor.

 The safety obstacle avoidance module is mainly used to protect the AGV trolley body and field workers, and adopts a combination of soft and hard as needed to further improve the obstacle avoidance performance of the AGV trolley.

Power supply module: The AGV trolley generally uses a battery as a power source to drive the motor, the main control board, and various sensors.

Wireless communication module: The wireless communication device plays a medium role in the AGV trolley and the upper computer. The upper computer sends the control command to the AGV car microcontroller through the wireless communication device. When the AGV car needs to feed back its own state, it is sent to the controller host through the wireless communication device, which can realize the two-way communication between the upper computer and the AGV car.

This is the design principle of the current AGV car control system. I believe that everyone has seen a deeper understanding of the AGV car.

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