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How to distinguish the tape guide and optical guidance of the AGV trolley

Date: 2019-02-18 14:04    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The guiding method is the core part of the AGV trolley, in which the tape guiding and optical guiding are the two guiding methods of the AGV trolley, in addition to the laser guiding AGV trolley and the inertial guiding AGV trolley, because the tape guiding The AGV car is similar to the optical guide AGV car. How to distinguish between the two has become a question for many people.

Firstly, the guiding method of the tape guiding AGV trolley is to guide the magnetic induction signal by sticking a magnetic tape or a magnetic point on the preset planned driving path. The optical guide AGV trolley guides the identification of the ribbon image signal acquired by the optical sensor by painting or pasting the ribbon on the travel path. In addition, the replacement of ordinary optical sensors with CCD cameras and image processing systems can effectively improve the reliability of the guidance system. At present, optical guidance technology is mature and widely used.

The guiding method of the optical guiding AGV car is similar to that of the tape guiding method. Compared with the AGV car with the tape guiding mode, the main advantage is that the flexibility is better, the ground route setting is simple, and the main disadvantage is the color tolerance. With the influence of pollution and wear, the environmental requirements are high, the guiding reliability is subject to the ground conditions, and the parking accuracy is relatively low. The tape-guided AGV trolley is susceptible to interference from metal species around the AGV path. In addition, due to the exposure of the tape, it is susceptible to mechanical damage and contamination.

The above is the difference between the guiding method of the tape guiding AGV trolley and the optical guiding AGV trolley. With the continuous development of the guiding technology of the AGV trolley, the laser guiding AGV trolley and the inertial guiding AGV trolley also appear, as for the enterprise needs The AGV trolley that uses the guiding method requires the AGV car manufacturer to make a plan after conducting a site inspection of the enterprise environment. Only the AGV car that meets the production requirements of the enterprise can bring the greatest benefit to the enterprise.

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