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2018-2020 China forklift AGV robot industry development trend and investment

Date: 2019-01-04 11:43    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

In this manufacturing demand, domestic traditional forklifts still maintain a high growth every year. China's forklift AGV robots have three or so companies in the market before 2014. After 2014, forklift AGV companies have sprung up, and many companies have entered the market. The number of domestic AGV forklifts has exceeded one thousand sets (sets), and the number of forklift AGVs that have been operating domestically in 2017 has reached 3,000 sets. It is expected to exceed 5,000 units by 2020.

As consumer demand evolves toward customization, manufacturing companies with complex production lines, especially discrete manufacturing companies, have a more pressing need for AGV. As a flexible transportation system, AGV has a higher degree of flexibility, and the demand for AGV is greater. For process manufacturing companies, in the production line of large quantities of homogenized products, AGV can only undertake the most basic links such as logistics and handling, and there is no difference compared with labor. For discrete manufacturing companies with more flexible manufacturing and more complex production links, in addition to point-to-point material handling, there is an urgent need for logistics and transportation equipment that can achieve multiple production links. This is the forklift AGV. The use of the land. However, the introduction of forklift AGV by manufacturing companies cannot be achieved overnight. Highly standardized and complete information systems mean new challenges for forklift companies and manufacturing companies. Only when the manufacturing company's process meets the accuracy of the standards, can the AGV be smoothly integrated into the production process and perform as efficiently as it should. Only by achieving a standardized process that is accurate to the minute, AGV can be integrated with the production line. The matching information system, while requesting the information level of the enterprise, also tests the port matching capability of the forklift enterprise AGV.

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