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Warehousing AGV has a bright future

Date: 2018-12-27 11:05    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The AGV originated in Europe and the United States and is a heavy-duty model with a load capacity of 50kg-60000kg (60 tons). After that, Japan developed a light AGV, also called AGC. This AGV was widely used and developed in Japan in 2003 and 2004. . Compared with heavy-duty AGVs, light-weight AGVs have low requirements on technology, cost and load capacity, low barriers, and low prices. Chinese companies have also begun to develop and manufacture light-weight AGVs. As one of the social infrastructures, the domestic AGV industry has fundamentally improved the operational efficiency of the logistics system, and has brought far-reaching influence to China's warehousing, logistics and manufacturing industries./p>

The AGV is a battery-powered, self-guided transport vehicle with automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic or optical. It can travel along a defined guiding path and is a transport vehicle with safety protection and various transfer functions. Relying on the company's respective technical algorithms, robotic dispatching system, warehouse management system and other core technology support, complete sorting, handling and distribution. It can be automatically charged, has a high degree of automation, is convenient, and has a small footprint. It can be shuttled and reciprocated in various workshops of production and has great flexibility. It has been widely used in various types of enterprises and manufacturing industries such as e-commerce, express delivery, warehousing and sorting, automobile, tobacco, medicine, 3C, and clothing.

In recent years, e-commerce, express delivery and other platforms have developed rapidly, and the application of warehousing AGV robots in China has also grown rapidly, and the scope of application is also expanding. According to the data of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, it has maintained rapid growth from 2013 to 2017, and has doubled in 2017, with sales of 12,900 units. The main reason for the large increase in 2017 is the continuous release of emerging industries, such as e-commerce, express delivery, new energy, medical care, etc., and the use of e-commerce, logistics and warehousing AGV and AGC products. In 2018, sales of AGV robots are expected to exceed 18,000 units, an increase of over 40% year-on-year.

For the growing development of AGV sales, GGII believes that the sustained and healthy development of China's economy and the rise of China's logistics industry have provided huge market demand for the development of the warehousing industry, coupled with the outsourcing of manufacturing and commerce and trade circulation. The release of demand and the strengthening of the strategic position of warehousing logistics, the future smart warehouses are stored in huge market demand. It is estimated that in the next 3-5 years, the annual growth rate of China's smart warehousing market will remain at 20%-30%, and the market size is expected to reach 140 billion yuan by 2020.

IKV intelligent warehouse sorting system AGV, "goods for goods" delivery mode, high sorting efficiency, low labor intensity. Specify the location/cargo of the deposit/withdrawal, and the personnel skill requirements are low. Out/inbound document processing, efficient path scheduling calculation, and in-store material information storage trinity software processing system. Only simple warehouse infrastructure is required, and there is less investment in civil works. The system construction is convenient, fast, flexible, and easy to relocate.

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