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Use and structure classification of AGV

Date: 2018-12-18 15:12    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

The concept of modern automatic production has been paid more and more attention by people, and the requirements for efficient operation of the production line and the flexibility of the logistics system are getting higher and higher. AGV will be rapidly developed and popularized in terms of product replacement type, simultaneous operation of multiple product mixing lines, adjustment of product output, and recombination of production lines. This is not only the need for rapid development of modern industry, but also mainly by AGV itself. The unique superiority is determined.

AGV is divided into two types: fixed path guidance and free path guidance.

1. Fixed path guidance: set the guiding information medium, such as wire and light band, on the planned route, and detect the guiding information (such as frequency, magnetic field strength, light intensity, etc.) through the guiding detector on the AGV. After the information is processed in real time, the guiding method for controlling the vehicle to travel along the prescribed running line is controlled.

2. Free path guidance: no fixed running path is set in advance, AGVS according to the starting point position required by the handling task, after the computer management system optimizes the operation to obtain the optimal path, the control system controls each AGV to run according to the specified path, and completes Handling tasks.

Unmanned vans, unmanned tractors and unmanned forklifts

1. Unmanned handling vehicle: It is mainly used to complete the handling operation. The manual or manual transfer device is used to load the goods onto the trolley. After the trolley moves to the designated location, the cargo is removed by the manual or automatic transfer device. Handling tasks.

The trolley with automatic transfer device can automatically complete the whole process of picking, loading and horizontal operation of the cargo under the command of the control system, while the trolley without the transfer device can only realize the automatic operation in the horizontal direction, and the picking up and discharging operation of the cargo. It needs to be done by manpower or by means of other loading and unloading equipment.

2, unmanned traction car: The main function is to automatically pull the flatbed truck loaded with cargo, only to provide traction power. When the traction trolley drives the cargo flatbed to reach its destination, it automatically disengages from the cargo flatbed.

3. Unmanned forklift: Its basic functions are similar to mechanical forklifts, except that all movements are automatically controlled by the control system to automatically complete various handling tasks.

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