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Logistics handling AGV robot

Date: 2016-09-05 17:06    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    
Logistics handling AGV robot

Logistics handling AGV robot also known as AGV car, automatic car navigation, AGV lurk
s. On its salient features are unmanned, AGV is equipped with automatic guidance system, can guarantee system in the case of do not need artificial pilot along the intended route automatic driving, can carry the goods or materials will be automatically from starting point to destination.

Another feature of AGV is flexible, high degree of automation and intelligent level is high, the motion of the AGV path can be in accordance with the requirements of warehouse goods, production process, such as change and flexible change, and change the cost of running path compared with the traditional conveyer belt and the rigidity of transmission line is very low.

AGV guide Methods
1. Electromagnetic induction guide USES low-frequency guide cable formation of the electromagnetic field and electromagnetic sensing device to guide the operation of agv.
2. Laser guided by laser scanner identification Settings in several positioning marks within the scope of its activities to determine its coordinates, which guided AGV run.
3. The magnet, gyro guide with a special magnetic position sensors installed in the small magnet on the ground, using gyroscope continuous control direction of agv.

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