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IKV 4.0 card software patent certificate issued

Date: 2016-06-02 16:31    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    
IKV 4.0 card software is to achieve the regulation of factory automation equipment, real-time access to relevant production data management automation for users to solve problems, and developing an intelligent softwareThis is our IKV 4.0 card software patent certificate issued.
IKV 4.0 card software patent certificate issued

IKV 4.0 card software patent certificate issued developed for the period January 18, 2016, for the first time published February 26, 2016. The  IKV 4.0 card software industry. IKV intelligent software Industry 4.0 card advantage is reflected: 1, the body comes with WIFI function, providing WIFI solutions; 2, Intelligent software can remotely control the machine; 3, debug-related equipment; 4, the body can be monitored at any time to view production data.
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