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IKV will introduce classification of AGV car according to the guide way

Date: 2016-05-14 16:07    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    
By way of AGV guide is divided into: direct navigation coordinates, electromagnetic navigation, magnetic navigation, laser navigation mode, an optical navigation, inertial navigation, image recognition navigation, GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation. Ike Weir As a professional manufacturer of AGV, has many years of experience in research and development of production of AGV, providing AGV car in terms of performance to meet the production needs of different areas.
1, direct coordinate navigation
Locating block the travel area of ​​the AGV is divided into several small areas coordinate, through the small area counts a navigation, generally photoelectric (the coordinates of the small area is divided in two colors, the photovoltaic device by counting) and electromagnetic (will coordinate small or magnetic metal block area in block division by electromagnetic induction device counting) in two forms, the advantage can be achieved path changes, good reliability of the guide, no special requirements on the environment. The disadvantage is that ground measurements installation complexity, workload, guiding and positioning accuracy is low, and can not meet the requirements of complex paths.
2, electromagnetic navigation
Electromagnetic navigation is one of the more traditional methods of navigation, is still being adopted, it was embedded metal lines on the travel path of the AGV, frequency and load guide wire, through the identification of pilot frequencies to achieve the AGV navigation. Its main advantage is the lead subtle and difficult to pollution and damage, guiding principle is simple, reliable, easy to control and communications, for interference-free sound and light, lower manufacturing costs. The disadvantage is that the path is difficult to change the extension, limitation of large complex paths.
3, magnetic navigation
Compared with electromagnetic guidance, posted on the road with a magnetic strip embedded in the ground under the alternative metal wire, a navigation signal by magnetic induction, its flexibility is better, to change or expand the path easier, magnetic stripe laying is simple, but this navigation will be affected by mechanical damage by a metal loop and other hard objects, there is a certain impact on navigation.
4, laser navigation
Laser navigation in AGV travel route around the mounting location accurate laser reflection plate, AGV by laser beams at the same time collected by the reflecting plate reflecting the laser beam, to determine its current position and direction, and by a continuous trigonometry operations to achieve AGV navigation. This technology is the advantage, AGV precise positioning; positioning without additional ground facilities; paths with flexible, able to fit a variety of field environments, it is currently a lot of foreign advanced navigation AGV manufacturer precedence, the disadvantage is manufactured high cost, than the relatively harsh environmental requirements (ambient light, floor space requirements, visibility requirements, etc.).
5, the optical navigation
On the AGV traveling path painted or pasted ribbon by ribbon image signal from the camera into the mining process and achieve a simple navigation, its flexibility is better, the ground route setting is simple, but the ribbon of pollution and mechanical wear is very sensitive to the environment is too high, poor navigation reliability, and it is difficult to achieve precise positioning.
6, inertial navigation
Inertial navigation is mounted on the AGV gyroscopes, installed on the ground with the positioning block area, AGV can be calculated by the gyroscope bias and ground positioning signal acquisition block signal to determine its position and orientation in order to achieve navigation. The technology used in the earlier military, its main advantage is technologically advanced, high positioning accuracy, flexibility, easy to mix and compatible with a wide field of application, has been adopted by many foreign AGV manufacturer. The disadvantage is that high manufacturing cost, accuracy and reliability of the gyro manufacturing precision guided and life are closely related.
7, image recognition navigation
Environmental AGV travel area for image recognition, intelligent driving, which is a great potential of navigation technology, this technology has been adopted by the military a few countries, to apply it to the AGV just stop in the study . Image recognition technology and laser navigation technology will provide an unexpected combination of automation projects possible, such as navigation accuracy and reliability, driving safety, intelligent recognition memory and so will be more perfect.
8, GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation
Via satellite on non-fixed pavement system control object tracking and guidance, this technology is currently still in development and improvement, generally used for outdoor long-range tracking and guidance, its accuracy depends on the accuracy and the number of fixed-satellite in the air, and the factors that control the environment around the object. Thus developed is iGPS (indoor GPS) and dGPS (for outdoor use differential GPS), which is much higher than the accuracy of civilian GPS, but the manufacturing cost of ground facilities is the average user can not accept.

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