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IKV R & D AGV car gradually into the SME Perspective

Date: 2016-05-14 16:15    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    
Before AGV car has been a large manufacturing companies optimize equipment upgrades, production intelligence, intelligent management assistant, with the advent of the era of the Chinese revolution, the size of the domestic manufacturers are thinking: How Industry 4.0, manufacturing 2025 perfect butt The problem.
Currently inside the factory using more automated handling car (AGV car), or belong to the larger manufacturing plant, the entire plant to a conveyor line brings the benefits are considerable, first on personnel costs, so that artificial aspects has been to maximize the savings to solve the difficult problem of recruitment companies; secondly, the aging staff efficiency is the most uncontrollable, and people do not have the physiological machinery, safety, emotional and other factors to consider, 24 hours of work, production efficiency It goes without saying; then, in terms of quality, intelligent production, standardized operation, high accuracy. It is precisely because we have seen the advantages and performance of the AGV, a great number of small and medium factories gradually added to the production process of upgrading equipment to intelligent.
Next few years, according to market demand trends AGV Products:
1, AGV car continuously improve performance (speed, high precision, high reliability, ease of operation and maintenance), led by stand-alone feature standardized prices have come down, average unit price dropped to 50,000 yuan from 70,000 yuan, to make more more small and medium scale enterprises to benefit.
2, AGV car mechanical structure to the development of modular, easily reconfigurable direction. The power module motor, reducer, detection systems integration, mechanical modules, modular architecture AGV carrying machine by recombinant way.
3, AGV trolley control system to control the direction of an open PC system development, facilitate standardization, network, systems integration to improve, and the modular structure and improve the system compatibility and scalability, ease of operation and remote maintenance.
4, AGV car smart sensor development, in addition to the traditional position, velocity, acceleration, etc., also applied machine vision, force feedback, etc. fusion technology more intelligent sensors to control decision-making, in the context of multi-sensor fusion device configuration technology in Mick US forces existing AGV system equipment already mature application.
5, "anthropomorphic navigation" technology in the application of good-car AGV, AGV car independent thinking, learning, memory, walk in, the end of the robot "blind" era.

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