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Domestic and foreign AGV AGV product cost "learn"

Date: 2016-05-14 16:17    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    
In China, AGV is the Strategic market in foreign giants survive "territory" under the Chinese market, domestic brand market share of nearly 90% market share is expanding.
According to statistics, foreign brands to enter the Chinese market AGV robot time is not late, but because the original Chinese AGV applications market has not really turned on, the labor cost is relatively low, so the foreign brands did not spend too much energy to tap this market, and this happens to the AGV domestic enterprises to seize the initiative, based on the opportunity to take root in the domestic market.
In addition, the domestic cost advantage AGV robots and personalized service to customers is also a key factor in the market of domestic manufacturers to win. Take a laser-guided forklifts, the foreign price of about 1.2 million, can work 24 hours instead of three may be artificial, and its labor costs are about 1.2 million a year, while domestic labor was much lower, so, in similar products, the price of foreign brands than domestic brands high price reaches at least 50%, some even up to 100%. Clearly, such an expensive product, so that has always been very sensitive to the price of domestic manufacturers application unbearable, especially for SMEs, its product performance requirements are not too high.
The current domestic market is mainly magnetic stripe of AGV navigation guide for the mainstream, its performance is stable, easy to lay, cost-effective, while the handling robot AGV European brand is the mainstream laser guided navigation mode, the laser navigation of AGV Handling Although the robot easier to maintain, but its relatively high cost, the price sometimes up to several million dollars. However, the stability of the domestic AGV Jia-robot research and development of laser-guided AGV car performance, relatively low prices, is now exported to Southeast Asia, South America and other regions.

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