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IKV intelligent AGV in medical area

Date: 2016-05-14 16:19    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    
With the development of information about the physical system technology of AGV system, the establishment of AGV car digital systems division in 2015, based on Ike Weir intelligent AGV car data interoperability, achieve manufacturing process automation, marketing in digital technology development of AGV logistics solutions and product. In this context, the future engineers must have knowledge in many fields, not only to master the automation skills must also be non-traditional areas of IT technology electrical, mechanical and electronic data analysis has some technical reserves. As China's most advanced mobile robot engineering company, involving almost all industrial AGV applications in the past six years we have accumulated a wealth of experience and industry solutions. In order to better support the future of digital business in China large frame, engineers have been actively exploring and reserve-related skills.
Case: We Ike Weir intelligent AGV data interoperability in the pharmaceutical sector in terms of process automation case
Because the drug is related to the economic life of the country and the people, most governments have established strict standards to monitor the drugs and their circulation. We strictly follow and Chinese SDA, the US FDA and the European Commission have put forward the pharmaceutical drug production process and clearly defined principles, the application of innovation through a lot of practice, the entire process of pharmaceutical-based characteristics of AGV system to develop a comprehensive manufacturing process automation management system. Drug production process is a complex biochemical process, mainly in batch control and continuous control. Design of pharmaceutical process control system for an estimated characteristic biochemical processes, and follow certain inspection process, during which, AGV control system provides powerful data processing capability and precise material distribution, while available through advanced communications and sensor technology Real-time data associated with the device, through the system is easy to operate and to achieve the purpose of providing high-quality products.

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