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AGV management and application of goods

Date: 2019-04-28 11:50    Clicks:     Autor: IKVROBOT    

With the development of manufacturing technology, the demand for automation technology is increasing. The level of automated transportation has gradually become a symbol of the advanced technology of an enterprise. On the one hand, the automation level of its production equipment is increasing; on the other hand, automated warehouse transportation has also been widely used in manufacturing enterprises, including AGV automation transportation, unmanned truck transportation and so on. But how to control AGV transportation and transportation of cargo has become a difficult problem. By manually recording the quantity of goods transported by the AGV car, the manual operation of AGV needs the location of the goods to be transported, it is time-consuming and laborious, and the number of goods recorded by hand is easily error, so more and more enterprises introduce RFID technology into the production, storage and logistics management, with the introduction of the introduction of RFID technology greatly reduced. The loss of manpower and goods in production enterprises.

AGV robot

The carrier of AGV transport goods is mainly with pallets, and RFID technology is used in the transport of AGV goods, mainly by installing the reader and antenna on the AGV trolley, installing the electronic labels on the pallet or the goods, and recording the information of the managed objects on the pallets and the goods. AGV car transport goods by reading the label on the tray or goods to record the transport of goods information, through the reader read and write goods information to determine the route of cargo transportation, convenient for later inquiry and transfer.

1.RFID electronic label: used to identify the information of the goods.
2.RFID antenna: used to transmit and receive radio signals.
3. RFID car Reader: the data used to collect labels and the information collected back to the backstage, specifically designed for vehicle use;
4.RFID card issuer: used to write label data and change label data.
5. RFID handset: the data used to collect labels and the collected data back to the background for later inventory.

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